Dream City (in Russian)

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Petersburg to Volgograd through Moscow. New program ! Explore Moscow, St. Stay at gorgeous Four Seasons hotels.

Story of cities #20: the secret history of Magnitogorsk, Russia's steel city

Enjoy special access to iconic cultural sites. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience cruising the Volga river from Moscow to Volgograd.

The tour includes 2 nights in Moscow. Select destination Moscow — St. Petersburg Moscow — Volgograd St. Petersburg — Volgograd. View all months June July August September. She can accommodate up to guests, far fewer than most other cruise ships on the river making for a uniquely friendly and intimate atmosphere aboard.

We at Volga Dream are completely convinced that, our guests should stay in great 5-star hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg within comfortable walking distance of all the major attractions, theaters and restaurants, rather than having to waste time in traffic.

She boasts 56 cabins, all river facing, ranging from comfortable Standard Cabins to spacious Junior Suites and the luxurious forward facing Owner's Suite. Explore Russia's past with the help of professional tour guides. Our on-board program includes fascinating talks on Russian history and politics, Russian language lessons, a festival of Russian cuisine including vodka tasting! Our on board restaurant serves international cuisine to the highest standard, all freshly made by our Cordon Bleu Chef. All our service crew members are native Russians who are fluent in English and handpicked by the Owner.

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Proudly, the Volga Dream is famous for her hard working and very hospitable personnel who take care of every aspect of your life aboard. It's never been easier to plan your next holiday in Russia. Download our free brochure to learn more about authentic Russian river cruises. These are the many strands that time has woven into what is known today as Russia. Sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date with the latest offers, savings and news at Volga Dream. River Cruises Moscow — St. I agree to receive newsletters I agree to Volga Dream holding and processing my personal data and understand that the company will never knowingly share customer details or contacts with third parties Read Terms and Conditions.

Find your cruise. Find Your Cruise. Learn more.

Russian defectors living the dead end of the American dream in distant Oregon

Imperial Explore Moscow, St. Grand Volga Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience cruising the Volga river from Moscow to Volgograd.

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The tour includes 2 nights in Moscow Learn more. Russian River Cruises. Five-Star Central Hotels. Luxurious Accommodation. Russian Cultural Experience. Russian Cultural Experience Explore Russia's past with the help of professional tour guides. Gourmet Dining. Located on an island, this bulwark was one of the most coveted squares in the conflicts that this region experienced.

Its most outstanding enclave is the Ladoga canal and its impressive granite floodgates. If we had to number all the attributes and monuments of this town, you would think that we are talking about a capital city. If there is a mandatory escape that you must do from Moscow, that is the one that leads to the old residence of the tsars. This group, more than a town, is a museum where each building is protected.

It is essential to dedicate a good time to the original Church of the Ascension, model for the rest of the temples with a pyramidal structure. Then comes the constant walk along its paths as well as other finds such as the Church of the Virgin of Kazan, the doors of the complex or the impressive wooden palace of Alexei I, the last one that is preserved in this style. The epicentre of the Rostov Kremlin is a kingdom ruled by the impressive bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral, whose bells weigh 32 tons each. Therefore, it is not surprising that the role of the Church has been key in its consolidation and glory.

He decided to create a dream city. He built his own palace and built streets and buildings that today look like a decoration.

dream - Russian translation - resvimorephe.tk English-Russian dictionary

Perhaps this is one of the best examples of wonderful Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Myshkin is one of those ports that justify any cruise on the Volga River. The town still lives in the 19th century. Here you will find exceptional places, such as the cathedral or the Mouse Museum, a kind of homage to the animal from which the town takes its name. In Suzdal you will see a whole collection of temples.

In fact, a third of its buildings are consecrated. The hypnotic blue domes of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady take the highest praise. Do not forget the ancient walls. This village has always been marked by its location, right on the border with Estonia. Today its battlements and towers are the essence of its charm. Faced with the stronghold of Estonian Narva, these walls are its main monument and currently house an amazing museum. That was the goal to introduce you to Russian villages beyond Moscow and St.

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But if you prefer to start with the best known, in Exoticca we will be happy to help you with your plans. Contact us. Travel across Europe. Post Tags Russia.

Dream City (in Russian) Dream City (in Russian)
Dream City (in Russian) Dream City (in Russian)
Dream City (in Russian) Dream City (in Russian)
Dream City (in Russian) Dream City (in Russian)
Dream City (in Russian) Dream City (in Russian)

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