Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella

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In the summer of it became Detective Mystery Novel Magazine, and finally in the winter of issue, the title became 2 Detective Mystery Novels Magazine. It was a long-lived pulp magazine that published its last issue in the winter of Here Comes The Corpse! Parke Gardner faces knockout drops, bullets and booby traps. Rough Edges - Now online! Rough Edges.

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The Serial Squadron. Also includes new and upgraded extras. Watch for information on how to preorder and when the title will ship. Coming in October! Includes a brand NEW Rocketman story. Tellers of Weird Tales. Softcover edition now available at Amazon! Edwards There Was Fire, by M. Kemp Poetry Beltane, by K. Opperman Twin Hungers, by Scott J. November 1, November 1, November 8, November 22, November 27, Adventure House Adventure House is pleased to announce that Adventure House has acquired a number of the Girasol Collectables reprint files.

Age of Aces Now available! Keyhoe Captain Philip Strange is back in eight more weird WWI stories spanning the run of the series in the penultimate volume of this series.

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Just when you thought there were no more ways to die in war, the Germans come up with some even more gruesome ways! Thankfully, we have have Captain Philip Strange on our side to stop them in eight of his strangest cases yet from the pages of Flying Aces magazine! Age of Aces Latest Dispatches Now available online!

Myers - New! Frandzen - New! Joseph T. Between and , Shaw edited Black Mask magazine. The pioneering first stories of Carroll John Daly and Dashiell Hammett had just begun to appear in its pages. Shaw recognized in their hard-boiled treatment of the American crime story the potential for a new literary school. Working closely with his hand-picked writers, he pulled the magazine back from the brink of cancellation, and transformed the staid detective story into a vigorous and modern genre, discovering and championing important inheritors of this new tradition, among them, Raymond Chandler.

But there is more to Joe Shaw than his editorial career. Here, in the first biography ever written of this editorial giant, his son relates the full fascinating story of the man behind the revolutionary editorial persona…. Swashbuckling adventure meets Lovecraftian terror in a series that pits Zorro against the unrelenting hordes of Cthulhu. American Mythology Productions Arriving in comic shops October 9!

The Mark of Zorro Years of the Masked Avenger is a beautifully crafted love letter to the storied history of one of the most enduring heroes ever to grace popular culture. Zorro rides again with a wonderful collected edition celebrating the rich history and current exploits of Johnston McCulley iconic hero. From his inception in to the thriving fan following in , this volume treats readers to a reverent romp through a century of masked heroics. This is a must-have for hardcore and casual fans of Zorro!


A must-have for the Zorro fan! The cover itself is an amazing collage of classic comic book and pulp cover art that celebrates the enduring heart and legend of Zorro.

Getting Ugly

This edition is perfect for new and old Zorro fans and is arriving in October for the holiday gift giving season. Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books Just printed and coming soon to online retailers and comic shops! Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant. Nothing new this week. Beb Books Now available!

Beb Books has been on hiatus for too long. Since it was always more a labor of love than a business I have decided to post new and old stories to a file storage site and let you download for free. Charles Cloukey was only 16 when his first science fiction story was published and 19 when he died.

In that short time he wrote eight short stories and one novel. Among his short stories are the classics "Anachronism" about the effort of a time traveler to avoid his fated death and "Sub-Satellite" where a stray bullet fired on the moon kills its shooter.

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Cloukey's novel "The Swordsman of Sarvon" is a science-fantasy set on Venus where a lone swordsman is the only hope tp stop an invasion of Earth. All these stories have been collected into one ePub, free for you to download and enjoy. Where Tarzan was raised in the jungles of Africa, Polaris grew up on the ice floes of Antarctica.

When his father dies Polaris is charged with returning to America with news of his father's researches.

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Along the way he meets a beautiful girl, scoundrel and a lost colony from Ancient Greece. In Minos of Sardanes Polaris must rush back to Antarctica to rescue the people of Sardanes before erupting volanoes threaten to bury the land under lava. This is an epic adventure, easily the best in the series.

Brian M. Stableford has been a professional writer since He has published more than 60 science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as several authoritative non-fiction books. One night, he is intercepted by Baron de Rochemure, who had recognized his daughter in the sketch Paul produced during his first attempt at automatic drawing, and is very enthusiatic for Paul to try again.

The baron, who is dying of cancer, reveals for the first time the harrowing story of how his daughter died and why he has been so anxious to make contact with her. As a result, she forbids Paul to have any further contact with Zosima Together, they fight their first battle against the triumvirate thas has forced the surrender of the United States! The teenage heroes of the Hexagon Universe gather for the first time in this book-length saga by J. Lofficier and Mexican artist Alfredo Macall. The edition of Lone Pine and the Movies, like its recent predecessors, chronicles the history of Western-movie production.

A Don Kelsen photo essay matches present-day pictures of Frontier Days locations with frame captures from the original film. Packy, who died in late , is remembered by some of his closest friends and fellow movie buffs.

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  • The Great Ghost Rescue.
  • Broadswords and Blasters - Now online! Castalia House Blog - Now online! The tenth edition of The Digest Enthusiast is now available in print and digital on amazon. The Digest Enthusiast Blog - Now online! Mystery Weekly Magazine Oct.


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    Western Magazine No. The Artistic Legacy of Donald A. Wollheim - New! The set is published by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. We think this will be the most elaborate and unique edition of A Princess of Mars ever published. One notable mistake was discovered in the 1st edition text that has been carried over to every later edition. We have taken great care to source antique and vintage papers to match the original pages or documents.

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    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella
    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella
    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella
    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella
    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella
    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella
    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella
    Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella Getting Ugly: A Pulp Novella

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