Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale

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In another few incarnations, he is born in Minnesota and named Robert Zimmerman. Well, everything really. How many perseverators, confabulators, rationalizers and integrators got hold of the ballad in that time?

How many in England? How about Scotland? North Carolina? Ok, ok, I know. These songs are just too good for that. They exist in perpetual, swirling shades of gray. Oddly, I came to this well-known ballad rather late in my musical life. You were right about the plot! Big sister drowns little sister; and all over a man and his huge tracts of land. How many songs can lift you up so high musically when the narrative leaves you so down with images of the drowned girl, her lead-boiled sister, and a petty thieving miller hanging on a mountain head?

And what about those refrains? Are they courting song lines? What is all THAT doing in a murder ballad? See, the story at the root of this ballad is quite old. The Roud Folksong Index currently catalogs a staggering versions of this ballad , known in that system as Roud 8. But wait.

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Magical retribution? Did you catch that its playing revealed the murderess at her wedding to the stolen groom? Shocking, but predictable — and certainly not magical. As well, that fancy beaver hat places the Irish version that Clannad performs in the neighborhood of the 18th Century, not the 9th! Fortunately that part of the original story was not lost. Examples of this variant often truncate the drama before the drowning and focus on the aftermath, ending with the implied or explicit accusation made through the magic instrument rather than the punishment of the crime s.

Here though is the former-. What version here moves you, and why? What other versions should we hear? How does it all feel, and what does it mean to you?

NewTown’s ‘Naomi Wise’ Brings the ‘Old World’ to Life

Please, comment below! Two Sisters — Addendum 1 — A post considering a new recording of a unique Appalachian variant of this ballad performed by Sheila Kay Adams.

Two Sisters at the Movies — A post that looks at a wonderful short film by Anthony Ladesich that recreates this ballad on the big screen. She started out as a clinical social worker and marriage counselor. She grew up as a "PK" Preacher's Kid. She now home schools her two boys and assists her pastor husband in their mission and work at Glen Raven Baptist Church. She knows well the challenges of "Faith Based Writing" and will share her experiences, goals and future expectations with us. Robin Fann Fitzgerald graduated from Liberty University with a.

Robin is a licensed professional counselor, a jail ministry preacher, and a Bible teacher. Jamie Rollins , a senior at Southern Alamance High School, has been awarded High Honors by her school for sustaining a "top three" class average since her freshman year. After graduation, she plans to attend college and major in English, the fine arts and social sciences. More importantly, she dreams of exploring the world and making a significant mark in her community and society at large.

She resides in Graham, North Carolina with her parents, younger brother and their family dog. Katherine "Katie" Dodson , a sophomore at Burlington Christian, loves every aspect of the arts. Writing to her is an escape to an alternate world that she can create. She uses it as her diary and as an outlet to truly let her creativity live and flourish. It is where I can use my God-given capabilities to honor Him through my work. She would love to study creative writing and other arts in college.

She hopes to make writing and the arts her career one day. Shaping Life. His future plans include attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is active in Glen Raven Baptist Church where his father is the associate pastor. His mother is very active in the Home School Group and has published two faith-based books. He is appreciative of the opportunity they have given to participate in the Burlington Writers' Club as a presenter.

He has created a series of computer designs that present this theme in graphic form for the reader. He received his degree in history from the University of Virginia. We welcome visitors and the program is free. For more information call Carrie is a freelance writer, arts advocate and organizer. Carrie founded the Free Range Studio in Raleigh which provides office space for a wide range of writers and other artists to work.

Visitors are welcome to attend and the workshop is free. For more information call Alice at In this workshop participants produce raw material from the core of their experiences. Exercises to help participant get in the creative zone quickly and access their joys and pains will produce short poetry and prose as well as teach some invaluable skills for daily writing while leading a very busy life. Lambda Literary Award. Lockhart is recognized nationally and abroad as an inspiring public speaker. She lives in Hillsborough on the 3.

Main Street, Graham NC. Winners of the annual BWC contest read winning entries. Open to the public. Guests welcomed!! A total of entries were received from students in Alamance County.

First Place winners read winning entries. A reception followed at the Alamance County Arts Council. April 12th, Public invited to join us. February 8, Kircher spoke on writing nonfiction. Visitors welcomed. Nora Gaskin Esthimer , a resident of Chatham County, a writer, publisher, teacher, and editor presented the program. Both crimes involve the same families.

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The public was invited. He was born in Athens, Greece and his writing is influenced by Greek culture and present-day life in the American South. A musician and educator, John lives with his wife and daughter in Hillsborough, NC.

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Visitors welcome. John Claude's topic was "Exercising the Imagination. First playing in , she started playing at inter-university sports where she met officials from Scrabble Kenya and things took off from there. Even a last game loss to local Angela Cohen could not deny her third place in the Bronze division with 23 wins from the 42 games.

The news of her placing was greeted on social media with much celebration and congratulation as many players took to Twitter to offer their best wishes at her performance.

Makeup free Naomi Watts is casual chic in NYC

She is pictured here with Karen Richards mid tournament. Cape Town managed to provide some top level scoring when it came to Scrabble. Local players were on the receiving end of five of those massive scores with the sole exception being Karen Richards, who fell foul of Trevor Hovelmeier in Round 11 by losing However, none of those games featured in the high combined scores for the tournament. Israel and South Africa swapped victor and vanquished in the 5th and 6th highest, both occurring in Round

Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale
Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale
Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale
Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale
Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale
Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale

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