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Interview with "No Easy Way Out" music artist Robert Tepper - Rediscover the '80s

The Salvadoran government developed a relatively well-regarded plan that promises a more balanced approach to the gangs, but there is little funding for the program and international donors have been slow to buy in. The hard security strategy is what is most evident on the streets. The problems of social inequality and elite dominance of state institutions that contributed to the conflict are still in place, and it is evident that the inheritance of the use of force as a first resort still casts a shadow over El Salvador.

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Politics remain extremely polarized, corruption is rampant, impunity is high, transparency is low and justice is rare. But despite all obstacles, a comprehensive, rights-respecting way out must be sought. Whether they are refugees fleeing violence or economic migrants without specific grounds to receive asylum is a vital question now part of the U.

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In all of my years of dealing with herbicide resistance, I have heard a lot of lip service on stewardship. I have heard a lot of talk about needing to tank mix another herbicide with the herbicide in question, and I have heard a lot of talk about needing to use a soil residual herbicide with the herbicide in question.

Now the cows are out and in my opinion Palmer pigweed resistance is going to go nuts — especially in cotton and in soybeans that are not in a proper rotation program. I do not, however, believe Monsanto is to blame. It simply developed a weed control system that was so good that farmers were going to use it until it did not work anymore. That day is here for some and will get here quickly for others.

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When herbicide resistance problems developed in the past, industry and academia were quick to provide answers. Glyphosate resistance is going to be much more difficult. Most of the residual herbicides and tank mix partners being recommended now are the same ones that did not work very well before Roundup Ready came along. Some are saying Monsanto caused the problem, they need to solve it. I would submit that Monsanto has not caused the problem — overuse of the technology is causing it.

Perhaps Monsanto will solve the problem, but I doubt that it will be in the immediate future. Farmers are going to have to manage the resistance problem on their own farms. This is her second story of the series.

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Being a dentist can be a highly stressful profession especially when most hate going to the dentist. The truth is I never grew up wanting to be a dentist. I pretty much had the same negative perceptions of dentists.

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I had never undergone major dental treatment growing up and had never experience a moment of inspiration to become a dentist. But then again, there is no such thing as an easy and simple career. To answer the question as to why I chose this career path, honestly, dentistry ended up choosing me. Until I was immersed in the profession, I realised that being a dentist allows me to get the most out of my life.

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Discovering who you are as an individual is part of growing up. Part of the process involves learning that we should not be quick to judge.

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