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The snorkeling excursions were great saw 3 turtles but the beach that we have accessed from the bar was full of corals and fish! It was surprising to see a turtle over there..!

Another World (Out of This World)

Overall, soneva fushi was truly the best resort I have ever stayed in my whole entire life. Thank you for making this trip so memorable. We will promise to be back again soon! Dear Ayaka, The team and I thank you for your wonderful comments. I am glad that we were able to make your first trip to the Maldives a highly memorable one and you felt completely at home.

Thank you for recognizing Sae and her amazing hospitality.

Your comments for sure will brighten up her day. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to you and your mother everyday over breakfast. Thank you for your time to engage with me in person. It is very satisfying to read that you liked our spaciously designed Villas, the variety at the breakfast and the different cuisines, the beach, and the marine life. You have truly been lucky to spot 3 turtles.

I am sure that must have been an incredibly beautiful experience. I will be sure to pass on the compliments to the respective teams. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your Graduation and wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. Thank you once again for your generous review.

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It was a real pleasure to host you and your family. Best Regards, Abhishek Sharma. Soneva simply multiplies the magnificent beauty of Maldives. The fresh welcoming breeze, the bluest water and sustainable villas are a must-seek therapy in an individual's life. Such a convivial place indeed! Soneva is a perfect blend of rustic and urbane. The scintillating water, star-filled nights and the sheer variety of food, drinks, chocolates and ice creams drives us to plan our next vacation already. Nevertheless, the chefs and cooks take extra pleasure in customizing the dish and drink of your choice, we feel that they could use an additional menu for all the vegetarian tourists for an even better experience.

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Also, one can sense the euphoria among staff. The ingenuousity and sartorial way of living of our Mr. Friday aka Xain touched us deeply. There was nothing he could have possibly done to ameliorate our stay. Our personal best part of the stay was when the resort attended to our 4 a. Not just that, these people go out of their ways to make you feel connected and rooted to this place by dropping sweet wishful videos in your mailbox on your birthday and sending postcards saying "We miss you" If you're reading this Xain, we are still waiting our postcards We found our utopia in Soneva Fushi like every other guest who'd ever set their foot on the magical sand covering this hinterland.

We visited this heaven in March and we are incredibly sorry for being late in posting this review but we intended it to be pure honest and from the heart. Hope this helps! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your generous commentary. As you correctly mentioned, Maldives indeed is a breathtaking destination and we at Soneva are working consistently to preserve and maintain the beauty with our local initiatives whilst creating a socially conscious business.

Thank you for your wonderful comments about our restaurants , our ever so hands on Chefs and the variety of cuisine that we offer. Our hosts put a great deal of effort in curating the best dining experiences and it is a pleasure to read that you were treated with your favourite customized dishes. I will be sure to personally congratulate the team for their excellence and the pizza with lassi. Many thanks for recognising Zain who undoubtedly left an indelible impression on you.

He is humbled by your praise. Thank you for your suggestion of having a menu for our vegetarian guests. Your feedback is indeed valuable and we will be sure to take your comments into consideration. I genuinely thank you once again for your generous feedback and do hope that we will be able to welcome you back very soon for an another exciting vacation. We had high expectations but it went way beyond everything we hoped for.

Counting the days until we can return. A fantastic experience on a beautiful island with wonderful hosts. If we could give it 6 stars we would! Dear harryj0hns, The team and I are thrilled to read about your stay at Soneva Fushi. Our hosts are committed to providing memorable experiences to all our guests in our island paradise.

I am very pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us. Thank you for taking the time to write your review.

Sculptures coming alive

We cannot wait to welcome you back to Soneva. Kind regards, Abhishek Sharma. We first stayed here in and have been lucky enough to visit a few times over the years with our growing family. This was our return visit 12 years later as a couple and it was completely perfect.

The villas have and are constantly being upgraded and nothing is missed.

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The Mr Fridays sort out any wishes, wants or queries you may have with ease. Every member of staff has a smile whenever you see them. A special thank you to Mickey. Given that when we stayed they were undergoing major work on the main bar area and the Spa it was all still heavenly. Out of the blue is the most amazing structure and the Thai food served there was a particular favourite.


Out of This World

Shades of Green is a wonderful tree top restaurant and the last meal we had there on our last night was perfection. Derek Wallace the chef is a master. Having been lucky enough to eat in many fine restaurants all over the world I can honestly say that was a meal we won't ever forget. There is always room for improvement, however minor, and in our case it was the signage However the new general manager Abhishek Sharma looks set to iron out any small creases left with enthusiasm and charm. We are already plotting our return visit Dear 7clifton, Thank you ever so much for taking the time to write your review.

I am pleased to read that our hosts have curated a memorable experience for you while catering to your wants and needs throughout your stay. Micky and Derrick are true gems of the team and I will be sure to pass on your compliments to them. Thank you for your kind words on our dining outlets. Both craft had travelled thousands of kilometers to meet in this tiny spot in space, km miles above the Earth.

Before the two astronauts had any time to celebrate their achievement, however, one of the thrusters on the Gemini capsule malfunctioned, sending the spacecraft into a spin. Armstrong was able to recover control of the ship, but with most of their fuel gone, NASA decided to abort the rest of the mission and bring them home early. The Saturn V rocket, built to take astronauts to the moon, was That's taller than Statue of Liberty and five times heavier than a modern Falcon 9 rocket. Neil Armstrong's first footstep on the Moon, taken on 21 July , was the culmination of years of planning and hard work.

Dozens of records had been broken in the process, including, just a short time earlier, the Least amount of fuel left on a moon landing. Armstrong and his crewmate Buzz Aldrin spent 21 hours on the moon, planting an American flag and setting up a number of science experiments. With the Apollo program winding down, NASA was determined to get the most out of its last visit to the moon.

Astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt logged 22 hours of surface excursions over the course of their visit, covering an estimated At the time of its launch — atop the last operational Saturn V rocket — on 14 May , Skylab was the largest space station yet built.

Defying gravity

Although it has since lost that title to the International Space Station , its core "Orbital Workshop" module remains the largest single room anyone has placed into orbit. The workshop was built inside a spare Saturn V third stage fuel tank and measured I found the show really interesting as well. There were lots of explosions. We come every year and bring years three, four, five, and six. The children love it.

All of the children get something out of it, whatever their age. They really engage. We were saying how different it is to do a show in Cumbria than in London. It makes it so great for us.

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We really enjoy coming here. During the fortnight of events, secondary school students from Whitehaven Academy, Nelson Thomlinson School in Wigton, and Netherhall School in Maryport will all take part in a special Water Transport challenge to try to transport water without using buckets.

ON and the University of Cumbria, with the latter also now spreading the initiative to schools in Carlisle. ON who run the Robin Rigg windfarm in the Solway.

Out Of This World Out Of This World
Out Of This World Out Of This World
Out Of This World Out Of This World
Out Of This World Out Of This World
Out Of This World Out Of This World

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