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It's so rewarding to hear from so many mando players who are trying out the mazurkas etc and playing them amongst their friends. I'm thrilled to know that these priceless melodies are being sustained by the community of musicians who love and respect the tradition. To me there isn't a more satisfying trio than mandolins with musette accordion most of these publishers expected an accordionist to read from the guitar score anyway!! The piano accordion was in its infancy when the mandolin trios were soaring to the top in the s, so it took a while for composers to catch on to this great combination--but there it is!

Thanks everyone!! It's a sweet melodic waltz, with some dramatic passages which are very effective.

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I particularly enjoyed Serenade d'autrefois out of this bunch. That sounds good. Keep in mind that I still have more coming. Grauso's mandolins were apparently well suited for the musical styles popular in NYC when he composed up to about Did I loan it to someone out there because I can't find it!

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I will be creating a new folder in my Drop Box for GRAUSO even though much of what I have provides a footnote at the bottom of the sheets stating that di Bella may have bought the collection right after E. Rossi bought it in c.

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  4. But without any evidence of a 28 year copyright renewal, it's open season. What can you say? It was the depression. You bought something, and then I suppose It must have been a war of attrition with di Bella surviving it by virtue of its reputation. This little segue reminds us all about how precious the music is and thank goodness I have been given some of this music and accumulated quite a bit before it evaporates into thin air. So, Thank you Morgan, I'm glad you are enjoying it and stay tuned with some really terrific stuff coming Silvestri was in the di Bella stable but he composed for others too and I see in my next batch that we will have a few more compositions by him.

    The Top 20 (at last).

    Thanks again to everyone for making this a community spirited adventure! Keep on plucking! Happy Labor Day weekend! Antonio Grauso was a mandolin maker and fairly prolific publisher at the turn of the 20th century in New York City. According to one source, when the Depression hit, he sold his sheet music to E. Whatever happened, by di Bella had the titles transferred to di Bella.

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    As to whether any of these much, much older dances ever maintained a copyright, it is doubtful. I find no evidence to that effect. One title "Concettina" has gone missing; I will add her as soon as she reappears from my messy desk. Now, can I go to that BBQ? If you want to find out more about the Italian-American popular music legacy, this is the book to read. NOTE: found Concettina; it has been added. Everything from Grauso is uploaded now. Next step will include Pagani publications.

    Thank you for keeping this music in your repertoires! Best Wishes to everyone on the end of summer weekend! A continuing thanks to you, Sheri!! Interesting that Grauso has Speranze Perdute but attributes it to P.

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    Bolognese instead of A. Same tune but slightly different arrangement. Yes, the updated Index makes a note that Bolognese's name is probably as an arranger, not composer. The other annotations "con dolcezza", "sentimentale" and "con dolore" also suggest a rather slower tune. I like this Speranze has been the traditional bride and groom debut dance at Italian weddings as husband and wife Blame it on the accordionist! No slight on you intended, Sheri, or on other sensible accordionists.

    That's the tempo I'm playing it at.

    Parla-Waltz - Score Parla-Waltz - Score
    Parla-Waltz - Score Parla-Waltz - Score
    Parla-Waltz - Score Parla-Waltz - Score
    Parla-Waltz - Score Parla-Waltz - Score
    Parla-Waltz - Score Parla-Waltz - Score

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