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Previous Next. When Jesus is asked by his. All Jesus is saying is that after the. Now, we have all heard of the End Times, the end of the. Which is true as Jesus Piscean, solar personification will. T , and the end of. Raelians are not late to point out that Apocalypse. A rocket landed in front of him, and his description. Mesis, meaning son. Moses son of Ra. When Moses comes down from mount Sinai he is very upset by seeing his people. Most Biblical scholars and Raelians would attribute this anger to the fact that the Israelites were.

However the truth is that the golden calf is just the astrological sign of Taurus, the Bull. Moses never. This is why Jews.

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Upon the new age, everyone must shed the. The chief incident of Mithra's life was his struggle with a symbolical bull,. Maitreya, the saviour of the Buddhists whose future coming was promised by Sakyamuni. The name. Maitreya is related to the Aramaic Meshia Messiah who is the one that Jews continue to hope for. Both words, Maitreya and Mithra, are etymologically related. Raelians celebrate the creation of the first man on the first Sunday of April.

This Sunday is close to. Throughout history, many.

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Historians have traced the origin of the word Easter to the Scandinavian word Ostra and the. Germanic Ostern or Eastre. The name Eastre also bears some resemblance to the name Ishtar, a. Babylonian goddess. Other variants on Ishtar include Astarte and Ashtoreth. All of these were. In Rome, the mystic egg preceded processions in honour of the Mother Goddess; the egg was part of. The pagan Druids used the egg as their sacred. The egg was also a symbol of fertility; Semiramis was the goddess of fertility.

The egg was also seen. The origin of the Easter egg is also connected to Mithra. Mithra is the same saviour as Maitreya to. Rael is said to be the Maitreya.

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The Easter Bunny is also a pagan idol. As you remember the Mother Goddess Easter Semiramis is associated with.

In other words, the Easter Bunny, is named. Pagan tradition also teaches that Eostre Easter saved a.

Eostre was said to be the goddess of renewal and rebirth, who brought about the reappearance of. Rabbits were the most potent symbol of fertility and the egg Ovum , the start of all life, was often. This is also why Hugh Hefner, residing at the Playboy. Upon Moses birth it was said that he was put in a basket, to avoid infanticide, and set adrift in a.

He was later rescued by a daughter of royalty and then raised as a prince. This myth was lifted. At Sargon's birth, his mother the queen.


His tabernacle in the wilderness was built as a square the Ashlar of Freemasonry representing the. The idea originally was.

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Egyptian, and the genii, or angels, of the elements were said to abide at the points. The lamp ordered. In his role as the Jewish lawmaker, Moses was endowed with the dignity and celestial powers of an. It is nowhere recorded that. All the sacred symbols and knowledge of the Kabbalah, as. However, the idea of. Moses is just one. Bible is a Astrotheological literary hybrid. The aspects of transference from one character to a.

Now Yahweh had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly for three. Jonah 1: The great fish was in fact, a submarine, as you know such vessels. But for the people of that time it could only be a great fish, even though the gastric juices of. What is more, Jonah would have needed air to breathe, in the submarine the creators were able to. However the true explanation of this is yet more simple and profound. The re have been many. However, since most of the main characters in the Bible personify.

Those three.

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No doubt this has reference to the winter. The whale was,. However when the exiled creators were informed of the project they asked Noah to. Even though there might at one point, a very long time ago, have been a huge deluge, caused by. The re are no historical records. And of course when. So each year when the waters of the flood would recede, leaving of course the fresh minerals and.

The y celebrated the waters of chaos bringing new life, they called that celebration in Egypt. Not the Ark of Noah. It was the celebration of the great flood that washed away the. And therefore Egypt was born again.

RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah
RAEL The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Masonic Messiah

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