The Houman Race: BIRTH

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Oldest known human fossil outside Africa discovered in Israel

With so many challenges, the prospects for major breakthroughs in South Africa might seem unpromising. At a site called Malapa in , and now in the Rising Star cave ten miles away, his team has uncovered unprecedented numbers of fossil bones, adding two completely new species to the human family tree. Armed with their tantalizing mix of primitive and advanced features, Berger has become the champion of a resurgent South African claim to be the true birthplace of humankind. The role in human origins of the Homo naledi skeletons from Rising Star hangs in limbo, awaiting experimental techniques that might solve the question of their age.

At two million years, they are not as old as the earliest known fossil of the genus Homo in East Africa—a 2. Berger argues that regardless of its age, A. That may sound like special pleading, but a recent independent analysis roping in data from 13 separate studies of hominin relationships came to the same conclusion.

So does that rock the human cradle back toward South Africa?

Not necessarily. A composite image juxtaposes a modern human—National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Lee Berger—against the skeleton of the newly discovered species Homo naledi. Meanwhile, some 97 percent of the continent has yet to be investigated by fossil hunters. We can grasp a bit of the pattern, but we're nowhere near seeing the whole picture. And neither the east nor the south are more important than each other.

Explaining Why Minority Births Now Outnumber White Births

We need both. Read Caption. Where Is the Birthplace of Humankind? A new study sheds light on the improbable evolutionary path that enabled Earth to sustain life. Erupting volcanoes release greenhouse gases from deep inside the planet and regular eruptions help to maintain the habitable climate that distinguishes Earth from all other rocky planets. Venus is the most similar planet to Earth in terms of size, mass, density, gravity and composition.

In this study, Jellinek and Matt Jackson, an associate professor at the University of California, explain why the two planets could have evolved so differently. With less impact erosion, Venus would cool episodically with catastrophic swings in the intensity of volcanic activity driving dramatic and billion-year-long swings in climate.

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    The Houman Race: BIRTH The Houman Race: BIRTH
    The Houman Race: BIRTH The Houman Race: BIRTH
    The Houman Race: BIRTH The Houman Race: BIRTH
    The Houman Race: BIRTH The Houman Race: BIRTH
    The Houman Race: BIRTH The Houman Race: BIRTH

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