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Then, just like that —Wow!! See what I mean—you just made homemade trim that is super cute. Next you want to mark the onesie for placement of the ribbons. Use a fabric marker that washes away for this. You can see my markings here:.

Line the inside of the onesie with another sheet of tear-a-way stabilizer. Then take the ribbon you want on bottom and line the top of the ribbon up with the bottom line. Secure with pins. Lots of pins. I like to start at a loop and try to stretch it.

If the size is a bit off, that is fine, just cut the middle of the loop so a portion of the ribbon is still there on the edge. For a cleaner edge you can seam rip the side of the onesie open, sew the trim on and then serge the onesie back together, but that is purely optional. Next you will sew the trim on.

Pikachu Adult Onesie Jumpsuit | dream | Jumpsuit, Jackets, Rain jacket

For my pictures I used white thread so it would show up on this tutorial. I would suggest using invisible thread to minimize the stitching showing. Repeat, until all your ribbons are on the onesie. After I sew the last looped ribbon trim on, I prefer to add a finishing touch, to cover the trim stitching. I simply lined up a flat ribbon and edge stitched each side down, directly over the looped trim.

I love how the top loops still peak out —so cute!!! She loved it and kept playing with it. You could secure the flower and button on with thread as well, but I prefer to take them off when washing. Speaking of washing—for this outfit and other beautifully made boutique clothing , I suggest hand washing with a very mild detergent and hanging to dry.

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If you have to smooth out wrinkles, use a low heat iron and stay away from the ribbons as they can melt. Need another idea for your new homemade trim—see how I added it to a little girls dress for an added touch here. There are so many to choose from, but so much creativity out there too!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. About Latest Posts. Follow me. Oh the things you can find! If you are working with a Cricut or a printer, you will need to cut out the image with scissors.

Baby Shower Gifts – How to Make an Italian Onesie

Be careful to leave significant edges. Remove the excess iron-on paper, such as the triangle or circle at the center of a block letter. Make sure when you put the image sticky side down on the onesie that you see what you envisioned. Follow the directions that typically come with the the iron-on paper. I place a light handkerchief over the iron-on transfer and begin to iron. Make sure the iron is not emitting steam and that the steam option is shut off.

I usually hold the iron in place over the image and handkerchief for the first 30 seconds or so. Then, I gently move the iron back and forth.

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    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie
    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie
    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie
    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie
    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie
    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie
    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie
    The Weird and Wonderful Onesie The Weird and Wonderful Onesie

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