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Thus, needing to obtain prenatal care immediately for the health of herself and her baby. Following receipt of approval to scan the client from the director, I proceeded. The BPD measurement placed the woman at 38 weeks plus 1 day. The woman continued to converse with the client advocate throughout the scan, lamenting that this was completely unexpected, unintended. With verbal permission from the client, our office scheduled an appointment with a local OB for her. The discharge summary was reviewed with the client.


Then, because of her gestational dating, the signs and symptoms of labor were shared with her, informing her that if she were to experience any of the symptoms of labor then she would need to go to the ER or call immediately. At this point, I offered to connect her with an Adoption Agency. However, at the time, she was understandably feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, the client kept her scheduled OB appointment.

Baby shock for unexpectant mother

And although she did not return to our center as scheduled, we continued to maintain contact with her via phone calls. She again mentioned adoption, so we coordinated the initial meeting with a Pregnancy Counselor from an adoption agency. Thankfully, I have since found out that assumption is only a misconception. However, in that given circumstance, the woman herself would need to request an adoption agency be called into the hospital.

But as God would have it, in His infinite wisdom and perfect timing, the birth mother was able to meet with the adoption agency pregnancy counselor just 24 hours prior to the birth of her baby.

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The birth mother was offered a myriad of choices regarding the adoptive parents. Not only was she able to choose life for her baby, but the kind of life she hoped of, even dreamed of, for her unborn child. This particular birth mother made all of the following choices regarding the adoptive parents of her child: locale suburban, inner-city, or rural , education level of parents, language spoken in the house, and ethnicity of parents, to name but a few.

In essence, the birth mother was able to dream for her child and then give her baby the gift of those dreams. The adoptive couple was notified and arrived at the hospital within 24 hours following the birth of the baby. It is extremely rare that I stop on any movie while channel-surfing. This one caught my eye because of Haley Joel Osmont And of course Whoopi is great as always.

I even liked Gerard in this one He was perfectly cast as Mr. This movie will be magical for those who remember or who need to remember those imaginary friends which got us through various growing pains. It is sweet, light-hearted, and rates 10 out of 10 on the "warm-fuzzy" factor. Even my husband thought it was cute, and he's not normally into these kind of movies.

Loved it! KFL 25 April Quite a good movie, describing the case of a traumatized child who makes up a "secret friend" to help him survive in an unfriendly world.

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Having his foster godmother Harriet Franklin start to see and hear Bogus, the invisible friend, is harder to accept Placed next to all the cliff-hanger world-threatening scenarios of many blockbuster movies, the story of a small child's trying to come to grips with his mother's death may seem somewhat trivial. But unlike those other flicks, it has the redeeming feature of being true to life.

Despite the make-believe title character, the story itself is very down-to-earth with only the exception noted above. In his graceful overgrown sheepdog sort of way Gerard Depardieu good - naturedly has this movie in his hip pocket. He grins wryly,shrugs in the Gallic manner and mugs his way happily through what could have been a syruppy saccharine part as Albert's imaginary friend come to life to help him deal with the death of his beloved circus performer mother. Farmed out to Whoopi Goldberg - a reluctant stepmother if there ever was one - Albert young Master Osment is a rebel without a pause until Bogus shows him the common ground he and Miss Goldberg can inhabit.

I would normally walk a mile over broken glass in my bare feet to avoid movies about cute kids and their imaginary pals,but "Bogus" never quite takes itself seriously. Just when you fear it might turn into a blubfest there is a change of mood and we're off to the races,as it were,with Gerard and Whoopi in the saddle.

The soundtrack is marvellous,Depardieu and La Goldberg have a lot of fun with some energetic dance routines and the movie is an all-round happy experience. A wonderful alternative to watching the FTSE and Dow Jones drop to an all - time low whilst waiting in vain for the first banker to jump out of a window. Doing for orphaned children what Ghost did for grieving lovers, Bogus is a sweet-natured fantasy that's sure to have some viewers reaching for a Kleenex. With The Sixth Sense still three years in his future, Haley Joel Osment plays 7-year-old Albert, whose happy life is disrupted when his mother Nancy Travis is killed in a traffic accident.

Her will stipulates that Albert be placed in the custody of his mom's little-known half-sister, Harriet Whoopi Goldberg , a New Jersey restaurant-supply owner who's anything but motherly. That's when Albert invents Bogus Gerard Depardieu , an imaginary friend who springs to life from a coloring book drawing--clearly the product of Albert's need for love and companionship. But like the similar fantasy Three Wishes, the magic is lightweight and it doesn't always work.

Your best bet is to just surrender to the sentiment, and don't be surprised if you shed a tear or two. As the movie opens, we see a woman floating in the air surrounded by fog.

The Unexpected Child | Parents

It's not just a fantasy. It's a performance by magician Antoine in Las Vegas.

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Lorraine, one of the performers, has a 7-year-old son named Albert who wants to be a magician. The boy's father must have been a magician, someone says, because he disappeared. After Lorraine dies tragically, there is no family to take care of him. Lorraine's co-workers think of Albert as family, but they travel too much wonder why Lorraine didn't, or if she did.

It is determined that Lorraine wanted Harriet Franklin to have Albert if anything happened. A flashback shows how Harriet, a little black girl, arrived at the foster home where Lorraine already lived. The two became friends, although this is not shown. When Harriet, the owner of a restaurant supply business, is contacted, she gets upset. No, she doesn't want a child! The usual reaction from a Whoopi Goldberg character But Harriet remembers how good a friend Lorraine was and reluctantly agrees to take Albert.

Harriet lives in Newark the only thing good about Newark is that it is close to Atlantic City, where Albert's friends will soon perform , so Albert must take a plane ride. On the plane, Albert is given a coloring book, and one of the characters in the coloring book comes to life. He is a French man who calls himself Bogus who only Albert can see or hear. Throughout the movie, people wonder who Albert is talking to.

This is Oliver

But it seems Bogus is his only friend. Harriet doesn't want him, and he doesn't bond with the other children. An example: in one scene, a magician is performing at a child's birthday party, and Albert knows how the trick was done, but when another child is scared, Albert doesn't reassure her. He just wonders silently how kids could be so dumb. Albert doesn't try very hard to be happy with his situation, while Harriet goes out of her way to help the boy and doesn't seem to be getting any reward. Just lots of parking tickets. Even though Bogus is from a fantasy world, he tries to give Albert practical advice.

He knows Albert needs to face his problems and get on with life, but he still wants to have fun with the boy. In another scene, an ice cream parlor magically appears in a warehouse. Harriet and her business associate Bob can't see the ice cream, though Bob pretends to. Is something going on with those two other than business? Whoopi Goldberg gives her usual performance. She has an attitude but tries to be civil to the boy and eventually shows signs of coming around.

Gerard Depardieu is wonderful as Bogus. And while this is no 'Sixth Sense', Haley Joel Osment is still one of the best possible actors to play his role. It's a shame he will have to grow up. This is a formula movie, but I like the formula. Possible Spoiler: Eventually, Harriet does see and hear Bogus, and she even dances with him to big band and polka music, with both wearing fancy costumes that come out of nowhere.

Davidon80 21 March Gerald Depardieu at his most average is better than many other actors at their very best. Well this isn't necessarily true. However as an actor, Depardieu has attempted everything, not all of them good but what he always manages to convey on the screen is a presence that is strong and full of conviction, no matter what the circumstances, as a viewer this is hard to fault. In the movie Bogus we see one of these performances. This is a movie that could have easily missed it's intended mark with lesser actors, and a less experienced director.

But through imagination, depth of characters and a special bond between the three actors, this movie succeeds.

exacacad.tk Bogus is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. I know that a lot of people didn't like the film, but I have seen hundreds of movies and have not found one that made me cry like Bogus did.

Unexpectant Mother Unexpectant Mother
Unexpectant Mother Unexpectant Mother
Unexpectant Mother Unexpectant Mother
Unexpectant Mother Unexpectant Mother
Unexpectant Mother Unexpectant Mother

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