Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children

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How much time do you have? Is the race for next weekend or the kids are already in your backyard? On the other hand, if you were born with powers tools in your hand, go ahead a create the most spectacular obstacle course. Money, can't do much without it, except been ultra creative. If you don't have the money to buy material from Home Depot, you need to be creative and look for alternative source of building materials ex: donation, scraps, leftover, pallets, etc.

Also, you can find a multitude of obstacle blueprint for sale on the internet. Buying such plans can spare you lots of time and maximize your chance to finish the course on time for the big day. First, you need to know if the obstacles you are building are permanent or temporary. Will they stay in your backyard or you'll need to carry and store them. If you need temporary obstacles, you'll want to use more household items and buy ready-made obstacles like the ninja line.

On the other hand, if the obstacles can stay on site, you can be more creative and build wooden obstacles. Here's a list of obstacles ideas you could build with different materials.


Those are examples, and I'm sure you could modify any of these and create your own version of the obstacles. Time to get creative! Wood is the best materials you could use to build you ninja warrior obstacle course. The obstacle will be robust enough to be used for a long time. Combine the wood with metal pipes, and you got your self a real outdoor ninja warrior course.

If you don't have the budget to buy wood, I suggest you look for the following types of wood; scraps, leftover, palettes, and wood lugs. I'm sure every house in my neighborhood as leftover and scraps from previous renovations, they could spare. Every week, on garbage day I see tones of good pieces of wood being throw away.

All of those are excellent sources of free wood to use to build your obstacle course. Palettes are particularly useful to build climbing obstacle and platforms. You place them vertically, and you already have a ladder.


They are also easy to find for free. Just make sure to check them for loose parts, splinters or nails. Balance Beam: Kids have to use their balance by walking across the beam. Just lay a squared beam on the grass and fix two perpendicular blocks under it to stabilize the beam.

Moreover, use a rounded lug for a more challenging obstacle. Wood Stepping Stones: Children must only step foot on the flat piece of wood to cross this obstacle. Simply, toss a few flat pieces of wood over a certain distance. The participant must jump from one angled steps to the other. Using momentum and bouncing from sides to sides to move forward. A true ninja obstacle!

Walls: This is a very common obstacle in Spartan Race and any other obstacle race. Participant must climb, jump over or crawl under a wall. Climbing wall: On a vertical wall, the kids will have to climb on the face of the wall. Therefore you must add extra pieces of wood that will be used as grips. You could also add real climbing holds.

A-Frame climbing station: Kids will have to climb on one side and go down the other. Attach 2 pallets together to form a pyramid shape. Add an extra bracket horizontally on each side and you a have the A shape station. Wood lug carries: To test your little warriors' strength, you can ask them to carry a wood lug over a specific distance.

In almost every obstacle race I attend, there were obstacles made with tires. It's versatile and low-cost.

Also, tires are easy to find. Actually, you might have 4 winter tires store in your garage right now. If you don't, I'm sure you could stop by your local garage and ask for old tires, and they will be glad to give them away. I would advise you to wash the tire before having kids crawling on dirty tires. Rolling the tire: The kids have to roll the tire over a set distance. You could add an extra challenge by moving the tire up or down a hill. Tire hopping: Lay the tires flat on the side to create a sidewalk, and ask the participant to step or jump inside the tires.

Stairway to heaven: Create a staircase or a pyramid by stacking tires.

Use ropes to secure the bundle and avoid an avalanche of kids. Tire lifting, carrying or flipping: Depending on your kid's ages, you could have a station where they lift and move the tire over a certain distance. You could also ask them to flip the tire. Tire flipping is one of Spartan Race obstacle, and many cross-fit gyms will also have giant tracker tire as gym equipment. It's the real deal! Tracker pull: Attach a rope around the tire and participant must pull the tire over a certain distance.

Add an extra challenge by adding weight on the tire or have a team member sit on the tire while the other one pulls it. There are so many materials you could use to create the obstacle. The only limit is your imagination. Kids will have to jump or crawl to succeed this obstacle.

Kids Warrior Gym

Create your own hurdle with PVC pipes. It's low-cost and easy to assemble. Also, the obstacles are light enough to carry around and easy de-assemble for storage. Plastic culverts and drainage pipes are very common in obstacle races or mud runs. They are perfect to make tunnels or slides.

Also, you can stack 3 or 5 tubes, secure with straps and you'll have a nice pyramid to climb. The plastic is durable enough to take a good beating.

Young Warriors Youth Obstacle Program

If you have sawhorses, you could easily create hurdle or crawling station with them. They are high enough, so kids have enough space to pass under. You can also use them to create a bridge by adding a ladder on top. Ropes is also a very common item in obstacle races. Mostly used for the rope climb, where the participants must climb along the cable to reach the top.

You could certainly create your kid-friendly version by adding a multitude of knots along the rope to make it easy to climb. Also, you can create a rope swing, where participants must swing from one side to another or over an obstacle ex: a small baby pool filled with water. Cargo net crawl: Kids have to crawl under the cargo net, which is tightly attached to little pickets on each side.

Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children
Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children
Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children
Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children
Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children
Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children

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